Thursday, February 6, 2014

Putting My Detective Hat On...

As most people know, Jimmy Kimmel likes to mess with people. His most recent was the twerking video he made with his stunt person. I believe (as many people do) that the Esurance contest was a prank/scam. 

For those who don't know, there was an ad that ran after the Superbowl. It was with John Krasinski (from The Office) announcing that Esurance saved approximately $1.5 million by buying an ad space after the Superbowl. So they were going to give that money away to one lucky person on Twitter. All you had to do was send a tweet with the hastag #esurancesave30. You can tweet as many times as you want and tweet whatever you wanted. 

Some people pointed out some things early on that didn't add up, like how would they contact the winner if the winner wasn't following them (you can't DM someone that isn't following you). When they announced it on Kimmel, they already knew a lot about this guy and his family. That isn't a stretch because people tend to overshare online, but it was kind of fishy in a way. They had sent Aunt Chippy out to surprise the winner at his house with the pallet of money. When do contest sponsors ever show up with a pallet of money? Where's the giant check? And the guy wasn't overly excited, his "pregnant" wife was forcefully excited at times... I put pregnant in quotes because that has yet to be proven too... Many people have pointed out that he lives near the Esurance headquarters. 

I went digging around on Google and did find an article that does place him near the headquarters. He said he lived near the Kabuki Theater and that is very close to Esurance HQ (Google map here). Another thing @shari_itbom pointed out on her Twitter was that "Okay another strange thing about the #EsuranceSave30winner um what time did it get dark in.CA? Jimmy Kimmel tapes at 4:30 & it was pitch blk."

Anyway, I won't be surprised when it comes out later on that it was a prank. I think it wasn't a good marketing idea anyway. Twitter trends end so quickly and people will forget. What they probably won't forget is that there wasn't a contest. They'll hate Esurance for doing what they did and lying about giving away money.


  1. hehe! its funny how people are trying to be clever to get a little bit of a buzz on twitter but I think people are too smart for that.

  2. Oh yes, they forget how easy it is to look things up and ask around!