Saturday, February 1, 2014

This Warms My Heart!

A while back I wrote a post about the website, Postcrossing. After a long hiatus, I sent out a card. I was assigned someone in Germany and saw that he liked nature postcards. He also liked to see the sender's city/state/country. At first, I was going to run out to the store to find a postcard that had nature views of the Pacific NW, but then I decided I could do better. I dug through thousands of photos and found 3 different nature photos that I had taken around the state over a period of time. I made a collage, put it on the card and explained inside the card where the photos were taken. 

He sent me a very nice message today, saying that he received it and said he liked the card a lot. Then he commented on the card (you can upload your received cards onto your "wall") and said that it was one of his favorites. I also noticed he added something about it in his profile, saying it was his "all time favorite card." He has been a member for over 4 years, has received almost 1100 cards from around the world. 

I'm so happy to know that my card made his day. 


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