Sunday, March 16, 2014

Doggie Dash, The Hunger Games, and Online Shopping

We're going to start training tomorrow for the Doggie Dash. This photo screams "I'm ready for training" doesn't it? There are two courses and you don't have to run. I don't think I could get him to run anyway.

I saw the second installment of the Hunger Games yesterday night. My initial reaction to the first was shock. I didn't like it at all. But then you start to "get to know" the actors through interviews and other movies... So then I find myself going to the 2nd one. Same reaction, although I did like this one a little more. I initially thought I wouldn't see the 3rd, but I probably will end up going. 

I like to do most of my shopping online because then I don't cave to the pressure of buying more stuff than I need. And I'm not bothered by sales people. But now it's getting harder to not buy lots of stuff online. I was going to just buy face wash and epsom salts, but I ended up buying some make up, a few kinds of face wash and apple cider vinegar. Well I couldn't pay for shipping, right? So I had to spend way more to get the free shipping for Amazon. Then they're trying to pressure me into getting Amazon Prime. Only a few more days to lock in the $79 a year price! I will hold back on that because I really can't afford it right now. 

■ Can you always resist the free shipping and promotions/sales?
■ Any movies you are excited to see? 
   (I want to see The Grand Budapest Hotel and Divergent)


  1. I read the Divergent series in addition to the Hunger Games and can't wait to see it! Though I don't think I would've chosen that actress for the main character. Good luck with doggie training!

  2. We went 2 miles today, so that's a good start. I don't usually read the books before I see the movie, but I probably would feel the same about what actors and actresses they picked.

  3. I know what you're saying about online shopping!! So easy to spend more in order to ge free shipping. But I do appreciate the convenience of shopping online...and not getting hassled by pushy sales staff

  4. I like it too. You can shop whenever and take your time. But it is hard to stick to your budget sometimes when they're having a sale and free shipping!

  5. Oh man, I am such an online shopper. We have Amazon Prime and use it alllll the time. So many times their 2-day shipping can get it to me before I'd have a chance to get to the store.

    Have you read the Hunger Games books? They're so good.

    I really don't have any movies on the docket to see currently. I wish I could get to the movies more often.

  6. I have tried Amazon Prime and really like it. I'll probably get it when I can afford it (I wish they just did a month to month subscription).

    I haven't read the books yet.

  7. I hear ya. It's not a cheap chunk of change! I read the 3-book series in the course of a week. So good!