Monday, March 31, 2014

Grocery Store Madness

I have clipped coupons for a long time. It was great when it became a "trend" and when you were able to stack coupons with store coupons. Now they are cutting back on honoring that and they are looking more closely at the coupons, challenging each one and digging through your bags to verify that you purchased the item. It's humiliating at times and very irritating. I wonder if it's really worth the hassle. 

Here is what I bought today at Safeway. I did compare prices, buy things that were on sale and did coupon. I also had the double coupon and she didn't honor it (even though my coupons could be doubled). 

What $24 can buy you at Safeway.
I think I will start looking for other places to shop, like Trader Joes, where you never have coupons to deal with an always have low prices. Costco is good too because they have their own promotions and everyday discount prices. I've also found that Amazon has good prices too for some grocery items (not always; be wary of that). But with online shopping, you can easily compare prices, which is helpful. 

I've heard that Albertsons is the best with coupons. I have quit going to Walgreens and Rite Aid with coupons because they are the worst (Walgreens probably wins for being the worst). 

But again, I find that it is not worth my time to coupon and I may seek out places that do not accept manufacturer coupons. 

Do you coupon and if so, do you face a lot of challenges with it?
Where do you shop that is very customer friendly? 


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