Tuesday, March 11, 2014


What I am currently loving: 

Typo: Typo is part of the company "Cotton On" and it's a store I discovered when I was at Mall of America. It is very similar to Papyrus and Paper Source, but have more affordable items available. They also have a lot of affordable items that benefit their charities. I bought a canvas bag and a bracelet. Granted, the bags are made of a cheaper cotton, but it does go toward a good cause.

Spring: I am not enjoying daylight saving time (I think we should get rid of it), but I am enjoying the signs of spring. We are finally getting our spring weather! I'm really looking forward to summer.

Groupon: More specifically, Groupon getaways. I want to go on a trip somewhere fun (preferably warm) after I finally get my diagnosis and am in maintenance mode. They have a lot of great deals and good ideas for places to go. Has anyone bought one of these packages? I have gotten Groupons and Groupon goods, but have yet to try the getaways. 

Snail mail: I received a lovely card from Krista the other day and a nice letter from one of my penpals today. 


What I'm currently hating/have a strong dislike for:

Doctors/Insurance: I wish we were able go and see a doctor when we needed to and not have a whole bunch of hoops to jump through. I can't get in to see people because I need a referral and then my doctors at Mayo refuse to refer. Another frustrating thing is that I asked my doctor over a week ago to order a test and it has yet to be set up. One more thing, I wish the whole system was more simple and less fearful of lawsuits. We'd get better treatment and quicker diagnoses if we didn't have doctors who feared the what ifs.

Pills: My doctors refuse to run tests because of my age, but they will load me up on medication that can have a lot of detrimental effects. Well, we are a pill popping nation, right? I am going to get another opinion on the latest prescriptions because I don't want to take something that will make everything else worse. 

Bangs: I am indifferent about them, but I think I am leaning toward strongly dislike. 

What do you currently love/hate?


  1. Just yesterday I could finally smell spring in the air. c: I love it.
    I also hate doctors and pills. -_-


  2. I love the spring colors too!