Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pandora Ads, Kamana Updates, and Respecting Others

I love listening to Pandora until they start running ads. Some of them are catered to you and make sense (ie. Portland Saturday Market), while others you wonder why they keep on running them in a loop. An example of the latter is a rehab facility ad that kept on running over and over. Apparently there is one on the Oregon coast and they kept on telling me that I or someone I know my need help. I rarely drink and I don't know of anyone who needs rehab... After a while, you start questioning what they're insinuating. It's what I call the "QVC Affect". If you ever watch QVC in the evening (the most dangerous time), you will start to think that you need to call in and buy whatever crap they are selling. They tell you over and over again why you need this product. One night it was Badgley Mischka old lady scarves. They told me so many times that I needed it, that I almost called in and bought one in each color. Back to Pandora, they were running this ad every 20 minutes or so and in the evening. It was very tempting to call the clinic that night. :P

Kamana and I already completed our 8 mile goal for the week. We're going to have to scale back today and tomorrow because my muscles are not recovering well. I suppose I'll have to ask my doctor about that next week. But I think we're on the right track. No free t-shirt this year, but there are always free samples from several businesses, a pancake breakfast, mimosa and beer sampling. Nothing like eating a pancake and drinking before completing 1.5-2.5 miles. 

On another Kamana note, I think he is a pitbull lab mix, or a labrabull. Initially, the vet said he looked like a lab pit mix, but we were never for sure. I don't really want to pay for the DNA kit and with an "official" Google search, I found several labrabulls that look very similar to Kamana. Like these two.

And to compare and remind you, this is Kamana:

Being around vs. being available...  where do I begin with this... I am around because I am not well. I do as much work as I can from home and do a lot of unpaid housework. There are some people who are in the "you need to stop being lazy" camp and feel like I do nothing. Some of those same people feel that I need to do their work, like pick up stuff for them, make phone calls, drive them places, etc. My (slave labor) task today is to go talk to the insurance agent and pick up some paperwork. This person volunteered me to do it without asking me beforehand. And I will go and do it because the response if I don't is "you're not doing anything right now." I usually am doing something, but it's not so much of that. It's the fact that people are so disrespectful and assume you will do what they want and not cater to your own life. 

That being said, What do you do when people take advantage of you? What about when people ask for a small favor and end up asking you to do 10 things?

Are you influenced by any ads, or do you ignore them?


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