Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I have been quite busy and have neglected my blog. I have had several appointments, started my gardening (I am going to grow several herbs this year) and have been helping my parents out. 

I have my follow up with my rheumatologist this week and I don't know what she'll suggest. I hope she still isn't stuck on "it may be Sjogren's" when I had negative results for all the tests. I really hope she doesn't pile on medication either. A lot of that would be experimental anyway. I think it's time to move in a different direction. 

The Doggie Dash is this weekend and my beloved Kamana won't be able to go. His hips hurt too much. I am still going with a friend and I will be sure to post some photos. 

I'm so glad it is getting closer to summer though. Other than gardening, I'm not sure what I'll end up doing. 

If you are gardening this year, what are you growing?


  1. That's awesome you started gardening! Hope all goes well at the doctors. I hate when one doctor proves it isn't something, then another doctor diagnoses you with it. >.<
    Only to later find out they were wrong, and the first doctor was right. >.>
    I'm sorry you and Kamana can't make it to the doggie dash. There's always other fun things to do with him, summers just around the corner!!


  2. We have gardened the past 3 summers. Last summer was a drought, so most everything didn't make it. This year we aren't sure... We have sunflower seeds to plant from grandma, but beyond that, we may just try pumpkins or something that can just grow. We've done tomatoes, but they seem to be ready to go right when school starts up in the fall and I don't have enough time to can them!

  3. I hate the inaccuracies too. I will be going to the Doggie Dash without Kamana. He has to stay home. I don't think he'll be able to complete it without injuring himself. I will take him to the dog park this summer though.

  4. I would try vegetables, but I don't know where we could plant them. My dog likes to get into everything and we also have lots of other animals and pests to deal with. Fortunately, with herbs, I can put them off the deck or put them in a hanging planter.

  5. I've still got my old favourite herb garden and tomatoes growing in the garden. I think when Spring arrives this year, I'll try planting some vegetables for a change. What herbs are you growing?

  6. Dogs can do that. Herbs are a great idea then!

  7. I truly hope for the best, and some insight on this whole ordeal for you Lauren. And omgnes.....me, gardening? I loove love to be outdoors and stuff, but taking care of plants is one thing I don't even want to pretend I'm good at, so sad! I'm also terrified of ants because of some "traumatic" experiences as a youngin, so the thought of them crawling up on me as I garden really gives me the heebiejeebies. :P But I really admire people who can garden, it's so cool and unique.